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  • Large spaces need BIG solutions

  • Large spaces need BIG solutions

  • Large spaces need BIG solutions


In Optimvent we make an exhaustive study of your facilities and we propose customized solutions focused on the activities developed in them. According to the result of our analysis, we install HVLS fans in the roofs of industrial buildings, offering the most efficient solutions for high ceiling buildings ventilation, both industrial or public, guaranteeing maximum thermal comfort with very low operating costs.

OPTIMVENT HVLS fans are the best solution for industries with production processes that need a highly efficient cooling or drying system. Thanks to our fans the cooling or drying time of the products or merchandise is shortened, increasing the production capacity of the company at very low costs. In the case of the livestock industries, the installation of the OPTIMVENT HVLS fans will mean the production increase from the first moment due to the immediate increase in thermal comfort of the animals.